Last Call Review: Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen/ Kind Of New/Whaling City Sound

May 8, 2015

It's a meeting that should have taken place many years ago.

Producer and keyboardist Jason Miles and accomplished trumpeter Ingrid Jensen have just released a collaboration of bold, adventuresome jazz music. Kind of New is an ensemble effort that, inspired by Miles Davis's Cellar Door Sessions, creates a solid electric jazz funk groove on twelve enjoyable tracks, plus a bonus number.

Jason Miles worked with Davis in the 1980s, so leading a session like this would be an easy task for him to complete. The addition of Jensen on trumpet, however takes this recording to a new level.  Miles and Jensen have worked together previously in the Miles-led Global Noize project. Add musicians such as  Jay Rodriguez and Jeff Coffin on saxophones, James Genus and Adam Dorn on bass, Nir Felder on guitar and a wide variety of drummers including legendary drummer Mike Clark, and you have the talent needed to create great music.

And it is. Noteworthy tracks include "The Faction of Cool", "Ferrari", "Street Vibe" and Wayne Shorter's "Sanctuary", all played with emotional sincerity and artistry. The unlisted track, #13, is "Jean Pierre", was performed by the Miles Davis band of the 1980s when Jason Miles was a member. Here Miles and Jensen provide a rock solid update on the original, which is a real treat.

Certainly worth a listen as one of the finest recordings of its kind in 2015.

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