Last Call Review : John Moulder Quintet / The Eleventh Hour / Origin

Apr 7, 2012

Guitarist John Moulder, a long time presence on the Chicago music scene, is presented in a live session recorded with his quintet at the noted Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago.  In a set that oscillates between crescendos and quiet meditative passages, the John Moulder Quintet amazes the at home listener in many ways. Moulder's guitar mastery is on display in "Gateway", in "The Eleventh Hour" the band performs with the self-assurance of a Pat Metheny live set but with more edginess. "Creation" features the band in a meditative mood. Moulder is joined by Jim Trompeter at the piano, Geof Bradfield on saxophons and bass clarinet, Larry Gray on bass and Paul Wertico on drums. Truly a captivating disc and well worth a listen.