Last Call Review: Vijay Iyer Trio / Accelerando / ACT

Jul 21, 2012

One of the finest recordings of 2012,  The Vijay Iyer Trio's "Accelerando" has been recognized throughout the jazz world as an exceptional effort from one of the most compelling pianists on today's jazz scene. A major milestone for the pianist has been the winning of multiple categories in the 2012 Downbeat Critics Poll.  Critics have voted Vijay Iyer as Jazz Artist Of The Year, Top Pianist and Rising Star Composer.  The Vijay Iyer Trio was also voted the best jazz group of the year, and Accelerando won top Jazz Album.   Accelerando is certainly another artistic triumph for the pianist and his trio, which includes Stephen Crump on bass and Marcus Gillmore on drums. Together they create music fueled by Iyer's bold virtuosity, Crump's insistent bass and the jazz-rock accents of Gilmore's drums. Two relentless tracks, "Optimism" and "The Star of a Story", serve as defacto openers of the session and boldly state the trio's energy and creativity with unpredictable rhythms.  A fresh reinterpretation of "Human Nature" follows with more delightful, unexpected melodic turns and twists.  The sinister, intense "Little Pocket Size Demons", a Henry Threadgill composition, is given a bold treatment by the trio.  Overall, a superb demonstration of Iyer's total command over the piano and ability to create compelling new music. Highly recommended.   

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