Last Call Review: Wayne Escoffery / The Only Son Of One / Sunnyside

May 13, 2012

Saxophonist Wayne Escoffery moves to the center stage with a personal musical statement. "The Only Son of One" is informed by a troubled childhood that is familiar to those with abusive parents. Escoffery's response to dark childhood memories is a spiritual statement of processing and release. It is a profound one. Aided and enhanced by keyboards played by Orrin Evans and Adam Holzman, bass either from Hans Glawischnig and Ricky Rodrigues and drums from Jason Brown, the date reminds the listener of the Herbie Hancock Mwandishi Band of the 1970s. "World of the Bardo" and "Banishment of the Lost Spirit" begin a program comprised of selections inspired by real life spiritual concerns. Escoffery's considerable talents have been on display on several discs previous; this one is quite a remarkable statement and hopefully the beginning of much wider recognition. An exceptional recording worth listening to.