Late 'til 8 at the Joslyn

Omaha, NE – Joslyn Art Museum is introducing a new summer series called Late til 8. The Museum's Director says the series will run Thursday nights from 5:00 until 8:00 through September 2nd. Jack Becker says the program was created in response to the public's request for the Museum to be open one night a week. He expects Late til 8 will become a tradition at the Joslyn.

Becker says Late til 8 offers opportunities for everyone to experience and explore parts of the permanent collection as well as the new sculpture garden. He says there's going to be a different focus each week. Becker says he hopes to see "many members of the community, participating in all these great activities on those Thursday nights. And having that wonderful one on one interaction with original works of art."

Late til 8 starts Thursday with a program titled Evening in the Garden of Good and Better. Tours of the sculpture garden and live music will be offered. For a complete schedule of events, the website is