Lawmaker seeks audit of 'no-show' Iowa appointee

Apr 29, 2014

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A state senator is requesting an audit into an arrangement in which Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz allowed his top aide to keep a $126,000 annual salary after eliminating the job.

Democratic Sen. Liz Mathis of Robins said Tuesday that Schultz chief deputy Jim Gibbons was a "no-show employee" for seven months before resigning in December 2012. She said Schultz "owes Iowa taxpayers an explanation and an apology."

In a letter to State Auditor Mary Mosiman, Mathis requested a special review to look at what Gibbons was doing during this period.

Mosiman has a conflict because she was Schultz's other deputy back then and took over Gibbons' duties. She says she raised objections to the arrangement.

Mosiman has said she would recuse herself from any review of Gibbons' pay.

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