A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of 13 former UNO football players and recruits

Apr 11, 2012

When UNO dropped its wrestling and football programs last year, students who were recruited were left without an opportunity to play, or take advantage of other scholarship opportunities. 

This morning, attorney Mike Degan of Husch Blackwell filed a lawsuit on behalf of 13 former UNO football players and recruits.  The lawsuit is being filed under Nebraska’s public records act. 

Degan says he filed the lawsuit after several unsuccessful attempts by the law firm to get UNO to share its documentation about the decision to terminate football and wrestling.

"At this stage, we are seeking information.  We want to find out when the decision to terminate these programs was made and that will lead to the next question.  If in fact, those decisions were either made or in progress at the time they were still actively recruiting players to come to UNO, then we will be looking for information as to why that information was withheld.”

Degan says the lawsuit was filed in Douglas County District Court, where UNO will have the opportunity to respond to the official request.  Omaha Public Radio News has reached out to UNO for comment.