LB 1144 promotes career academies for Nebraska

Mar 2, 2012

Senator Brad Ashford introduced LB 1144 in the legislature.

He says the bill is part of the education priority package of bills that will be voted on by the legislature in the next few weeks.  Senator Ashford says the bill supports and encourages the creation of career academies for Nebraska. 

He says a career academy is a stand alone educational school that would provide courses and a pathway to employment for those students who do not seek a traditional college education.  

"So what happens is the student tends to get focused on a career path whether it’s automotive or mechanics.  It could be a variety of things, culinary arts, you name it.  The types of jobs that are readily available in Nebraska but are under filled by Nebraskans.”

Senator Ashford says the bill provides for the creation of a separate board to oversee the curriculum of the academy.  Additionally, he says the bill provides for the idea of using non-traditional instructors as well as encouraging private donations to the program.