LB 996 removes exceptions allowing students to leave school

Mar 15, 2012

The state of Nebraska has mandatory education laws in place until a student reaches the age of 18. 

An exception to the current law allows students to withdraw from school with a notarized statement from their parents.  LB 996, a bill sponsored by Senator John Wightman, seeks to eliminate that exception. 

He says even with a notarized statement, a student would not be able to be withdrawn from school by a parent or legal guardian.  There now would have to be an exit interview between the parent, the child and the principal.

"And in that they would have to make a finding that the child was needing to withdraw from school because of financial problems in which their assistance was needed in supporting a family or because of illness or because of a court order.”

Senator Wightman says there have been many studies that show a child who doesn’t graduate from high school makes less money during their lifetime than those who do.   Amendments to the bill are pending in the legislature.