Leaders Launch Effort to Combat Poverty in Nebraska

Mar 13, 2014

Addressing the issues that impact children being raised in families in poverty is the goal of the Holland Children’s Movement and Holland Children’s Institute.

Philanthropist Richard Holland founded the Holland Children’s Movement and the Holland Children’s Institute last year.

John Cavanaugh, Chief Operating Officer, says they also want to create public policies in Nebraska and around the country that will improve kids’ chances of success, as well as allow them to become productive members of society.

"So we’re focusing on issues of education and particularly, early childhood education. And we want to ensure access to quality early childhood care and education.  And also, healthcare and family income issues.”

Cavanaugh says the Holland Children’s Movement will organize and inspire citizens to take action on critical public policies.

The Holland Children’s Institute will provide research and publications that focus on effective practices and programs to reduce family and child poverty.