The Learning Community is Holding Open Enrollment

Dec 13, 2013

The Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy County was established by the Nebraska Legislature in 2009.

Open enrollment is underway in the Learning Community through March first. CEO Ted Stilwill says the central purpose of the Learning Community is to find better educational solutions to help kids in poverty. 

The Learning Community works with 11 school districts and community providers, who offer after school programs and other support for kids and families. 

Stilwill says the Learning Community is currently working to expand its early childhood programming, as many children in poverty are starting kindergarten one or two years behind the level of their peers.

"You have to help parents help their kids when they are one or two years of age.  Families in poverty have so many other things going on, so many other adverse conditions, that those parents may not have been acquainted with those important things that help children develop.  So we (in a respectful way) have to try and reach out and help those parents.  And continue to provide support for those very young children.”

Parents can submit applications online. School districts then will consider their applications and go from there.