Libyan leader's days in power numbered, according to Middle East expert

Omaha, NE – A Creighton University expert on the Middle East believes Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi won't be in power much longer.

Violence continues in Libya as longtime leader Gadhafi resists calls for him to step down as president. John Calvert is a History professor at Creighton University. He says Gadhafi's regime is losing legitimacy within Libya. "Cyrenaica, the eastern part of Libya, is now more or less liberated, the rebels are inching toward Tripoli, perhaps Gadhafi is entrenching for some kind of last stand, but I think it's only a matter of time before his regime collapses, because it really has nothing to sustain it at this point."

Calvert says if the U.S. government decides to intervene in Libya, it should do so only in conjunction with other nations. Otherwise, he says Gadhafi could use the U.S. response to rally supporters and incite further violence.

The UN estimates hundreds of anti-Gadhafi protestors have been killed in Libya.