"Lion Ark" focuses on animal rescue

Mar 5, 2014

"Lion Ark" is a documentary film about the rescue of 25 African lions from circuses in Bolivia.

From "Lion Ark"

Jan Creamer, Producer of the film, says the story starts with an undercover investigation that revealed circuses in South America were treating their animals cruelly. 

The public were outraged when they found out. 

Creamer says Bolivia subsequently banned the use of animals in traveling circuses but there were eight organizations that were still defying the law. 

She says that’s why the Bolivian government asked Animal Defenders International to go back and seize the animals from those groups.

"You get right up close and personal with these animals.  It’s all live-action and you are right in the thick of it.  And you are feeling what we are feeling as we are rescuing the animals.  Some of the most aggressive lions become the stars of the movie when you begin to understand why they are so angry and why they hate people.  Then you see them in the end living free and happy.”

Lion Ark will be screened at the Omaha Film Festival on Saturday, March 8th at 5:00 p.m. in Village Pointe Cinema. 

Creamer will attend the showing and will be available after the film for a Q&A session.