Local agencies resources stretched due to storms

Omaha, NE – Relief agencies are finding their resources stretched due to the response to so many tornadoes.

The American Red Cross Heartland Chapter and Salvation Army of Omaha both have volunteers in Parkersburg, Iowa, along with Ceresco and Kearney. Now, both groups are responding to neighborhoods in Millard and southwest Omaha where an EF2 tornado struck Sunday.

Heartland Chapter Deputy Director Deborah Neary says Red Cross volunteers were brought back from Parkersburg, Iowa Monday to respond to the Omaha tornado scene. She says the agency is in disaster mode.

Salvation Army spokeswoman Susan Eustice says she expects the chapter will stay busy throughout severe weather season.

Both agencies are seeking donations. The Salvation Army needs cleaning supplies for kits they'll distribute to residents. The American Red Cross is seeking donations of bulk items.