Local Filmmakers Shine in Showcase

Oct 17, 2012

Film Streams’ Local Filmmakers Showcase had a different set of judges this year.

For the first two years, Film Streams had a jury curate its local filmmakers showcase.  Executive Director Rachel Jacobson says the jury was a diverse group comprised of local artists, academics and film lovers.

But that mixture made it was difficult for the jury to come to a consensus on which films were best to include, which meant there wasn’t a unifying voice behind it.  

Jacobson says this year, Film Streams decided to ask one artist to curate the show.  Local rock band The Faint chose the films in the 2012 showcase.

"People wonder what The Faint has to do with filmmaking but their live show includes a really innovative video component.  They are huge film fans.  And everyone knows what their sound is and what their aesthetic is and what it’s going to mean to have them choose the films in the show.”

The 10 films in the 2012 Local Filmmakers’ Series screen daily from October 20th through the 25th.   For filmmakers’ biographies and a complete schedule of showings, click here.