Local lawmakers react to President Bush's State of the Union address

Omaha, NE – President Bush focused his final State of the Union speech on the economy, the war in Iraq, education and energy independence. He also called for a reduction in Congressional earmarks, warning he'll veto a budget that is loaded with lawmakers' pet projects.

Congressman Lee Terry says the President's support of clean energy technology could potentially benefit Nebraska. Congressman Terry says the University of Nebraska could be a leader for research in to cellulosic ethanol. He's concerned about the President's call to fix Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid without proposing a funding source to do so.

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was pleased to hear a call for immediate passage of the economic stimulus package. But in a statement, Senator Nelson calls President Bush's criticism of earmarks a political ploy that's designed to distract from real issues.

Iowa Congressman Steve King commended the President for creating "an unprecedented run of growth" by proposing tax cuts in 2001 and 2003. Congressman King says in a statement that Americans "got to hear his honor, dignity and resolute determination to protect our nation" from the speech.

Click on the link above to hear Congressman Terry's comments following the State of the Union address.