Lossy is the Bemis Center's New Exhibit

Nov 26, 2013

Lossy is the newest exhibit on view at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

Adam Price, Executive Director of the Bemis, says Lossy is an Information Technology term that refers to the way a digital file loses data when it is compressed for transmission or storage.

Courtesy of the Bemis

It’s a file that essentially looks the same as the original, but has gaps or omissions or sometimes even additional pixels that get added to it. 

Price says this is an exhibition about the world in which we all live right now.

"We are surrounded by these duplicate images that we encounter everyday on Facebook and Twitter.  Our entire world is comprised of Doppelgangers.  And so it’s a very interesting exhibition for the general public in that way.  They can begin to think about the ways in which the duplicates may be inferior to the originals but also the way in which they may open up some poetic possibilities.”

Price says all the artists participating in the exhibition were artists-in-residence together.  The exhibit includes sculpture, photographs, and drawings.

Lossy is on display at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts through April 26th.