Love and Logic Says "Relationship" is the Key with Difficult Kids

Oct 5, 2017

Dr. Charles Fay, President of the Love and Logic Institute in Golden Colorado, will return to Omaha next week for the first time in about three years. 

The title of his presentation is “Success with Resistant, Unmotivated and Disruptive Kids.”

Fay, who is the son of one of the founders of the Love and Logic Institute, says they have been helping parents, educators, mental health professionals and others who deal with challenging kids for over 40 years.  He says in that time they have learned that the most powerful tool for working with kids is relationship.

“And that means learning how to set limits and be very empathetic with kids when they make mistakes. Now, that’s the basics of Love and Logic. Relationship means being powerful and loving at the very same time. And see, people learn best from stories and parables, and there will be plenty of opportunities to really fine-tune how to work with these kids who are constantly trying to figure out what we want, so they can do the opposite.”            

Fay says anybody can benefit from this conference, as long as they have a child who occasionally acts out or gets resistant. He says every parent and teacher needs as many skills as possible so they can be successful. 

Love and Logic will be at the LaVista Conference Center on Thursday, October 19th.  Seating is limited. 

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