Lutheran Family Services celebrates 120th birthday

Jan 26, 2012

Lutheran Family Services is holding a yearlong celebration in honor of its 120th birthday. 

LFS began as two orphanages in 1892.  Spokeswoman Bev Carlson says since then, the human care organization has served children in multiple capacities.  LFS offers assistance with adoption, foster care services, and childhood behavioral health.  Carlson says the organization will hold a celebration on Saturday, September 22nd that’s meant to be a reunion

"The relationship between a caseworker and a family can become very close over time if they are working to get a child place.  So what we are going to do is have an opportunity for some of these families to visit with the caseworkers that maybe they worked with 20 or 30 years ago.  We think that will be fun.  They can all get together and kind of see how things turned out.”

Lutheran Family Services is currently collecting names and contact information of families who adopted a child or grandchild, or those who were adopted through LFS.  You can send your story to