Malcolm X Center will present "The Meeting" on Thursday

Omaha, NE – The Malcolm X Center is presenting a performance of the critically acclaimed play, "The Meeting" Thursday evening at 6:30.

Sharif Liwaru is the President of the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation. He says "The Meeting" is a play that portrays a fictional encounter between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Liwaru says the two men only met once, accidentally in the hallways of the White House where legislation was being worked on that would affect the community, "And so this particular play creates a fictional sit-down conversation. If the two were to have met toward the end of their lives, what would that conversation have been? And it really gives an opportunity to look a little bit into where they were potentially heading in terms of their perspectives on how to improve the community."

Liwaru says the performance has extra significance as it is being performed on Malcolm X's birthday at his birth home. For more information on tonight's performance of "The Meeting," the phone number is 402-517-6459.