MAPA Seeking Public Input for the Platteview Road Corridor

Jun 4, 2014

Michael Felschow, Transportation Manager at the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency says the Platteview Road Corridor is a high priority because of the realignment of Highway 34.

He says that’s why MAPA is seeking public input on the Platteview Road Corridor Study.  

Felschow says the area includes the Missouri River Bridge the NDOR is building, which will connect Glenwood and I-29 to Platteview.  

He says the study will take a look at what infrastructure is needed in the short, mid and long term and that’s where the public comes in.

"To get their input.  To get what the public feels are the greatest issues, where they see this road in the future, where the greatest problems are and how this road fits into the fabric of their community in the future.”

Felschow says it’s important to involve the public every step of the way because it’s their road and their community. 

Additionally, he says public involvement is a federal requirement since the project is federally funded. 

Public comments on the Platteview Road Corridor will be accepted via email until 4:00 p.m. June 20th at