Mayoral Debate at Press Club Friday

Apr 24, 2013

The Omaha Press Club is the site of a Mayoral Debate this Friday at Noon with candidates Jean Stothert and incumbent Mayor Jim Suttle.

City Councilwoman Jean Stothert represents Omaha’s District 5. 

She was elected to the Omaha City Council in 2009, and has focused her Mayoral campaign on leadership, trust, and confidence in City Hall. 

Stothert says she’s concerned about the impact of new taxes and increases on Omaha residents. 

Additionally, Stothert wants all 13 city departments need to be scrutinized for efficiency.

Mayor Suttle was elected in 2009 and has focused his re-election campaign on public safety. 

Suttle says job creation and economic development are important to the city’s safety.

He’s also defended the restaurant tax, saying it’ll bring in 25 million dollars in revenue this budget year.

Other campaign issues Suttle’s focused on are job creation and amending Good Time rules for violent offenders.

The General Election is Tuesday, May 14th.