MCC considers options after NCCA vote

Omaha, NE – Metro Community College is considering its options following a vote by the Nebraska Community College Association to restructure its board.

The NCCA voted Monday to reorganize its board, giving oversight to the community college presidents. That vote followed the defeat of a resolution introduced by Metro officials. It would have linked the number of NCCA votes cast with student population, giving the largest colleges more representation.

Dave Newell of the Metro Community College Board of Governors says MCC's student population grew by more than the total student populations of Western and Mid-Plains Community Colleges last year. He says although those schools serve one-eighth the number of students as MCC, they get three times more state aid.

Metro argued that instead of each school having two votes on the NCCA board, the two largest community colleges should have three votes. The NCCA board voted nine-to-two against Metro's resolution.

Newell says he'll introduce a plan at this month's Metro Community College board meeting to remove the school from the NCCA. Starting in June, membership in the NCCA is voluntary.