MCC has a new Green Bike Program

Omaha, NE – Metropolitan Community College has seven new bikes available for checkout on campus for students, faculty and staff.

Daniel Lawse, MCC's Coordinator of Sustainable Practices, says the Green Bike program is a collaborative effort between the college and community partners. The green bikes are for use on the Fort Omaha campus. Lawse says the program is part of the college's green initiative which seeks to create multi-modal transportation options to and from the campus as well as on campus. He says bicycling is good for people's health as well as the environment, but it's not a new idea,"Nationwide, even internationally, there's something called the Yellow Bike program that different cities or college campuses can adopt. But we decided to go with Green Bikes because of our green and sustainability initiative. So it's not a new idea, but it's relatively new to Omaha. We did work with UNO and David Corbin over there because they've had a Yellow Bike program for awhile. So we learned a lot from them and then adjusted it to have it make sense for our campus and location."

Live Well Omaha, the Community Bike Shop and Green Street Cycles all partnered with MCC for the Green Bikes program.