MCC Moves Ahead with expansion of the Elkhorn Campus

Jul 13, 2012

The Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors recently approved a Master Plan that calls for the expansion of the Elkhorn Campus.

Board Member Tim Potter says the plan provides for the construction of new buildings to accommodate the fast growing campus.  He says right now, a building on Metro’s Elkhorn Campus is at 105% of capacity.  Potter says the only potential obstacle to the expansion right now is a dispute Metro has with the City of Omaha.

"The campus there in Elkhorn was rezoned by the city for agriculture which is odd because the campus has been there since 1980.  The reason for that has to do with a proposal from a private developer that originated back in 2005 to make a connection to the entrance drive of the Elkhorn campus to serve a commercial development that he wants to build just north of the campus.”

Potter says Metro opposes that plan because it puts additional traffic on the entrance drive with no benefit to the college.  He says Metro is ready to move ahead with its plans to develop the campus.  Potter says Metro is also ready to defend itself if the city pursues a court case. 

Omaha Public Radio has requested comment from Mayor Jim Suttle’s office.