MCC Revs up Solar Energy Training Program

Omaha, NE – Metropolitan Community College's is offering a new solar energy curriculum.

Sustainability Coordinator Michael Shonka says the program will provide students with the experience and knowledge needed to install solar equipment. He says the college's curriculum will focus on solar hot water, solar air and solar electric systems. Shonka says it's a great step toward helping Omaha become a green community. He says, "one of the goals you start with is conservation. Look at the energy uses you have currently and how you can reduce them or use them more efficiently. The next step after that is going to be using renewable energy and that's where that solar part comes in. Solar air and water systems have an excellent return on investment because we have such a high space heating demand in this climate." Shonka says in the future Metro will offer specialist diplomas and certificate options in solar energy and technology.

The school began offering solar workshops last month. Metro's new solar energy program is being funded in part by a $318,000 grant from the Nebraska Energy Office.