MECA board chairman reappointed

Omaha, NE – MECA Chairman David Sokol is back on the MECA board. The Omaha City Council Tuesday approved Sokol's reappointment. Previous story: Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey could re-appoint MECA Board Chairman David Sokol to that position. The decision comes after Fahey was notified that Sokol's removal from the MECA board could jeopardize private funding for the new downtown stadium.

Mayor Fahey and City Attorney Paul Kratz sent a letter to Sokol Friday, notifying him of his removal from the MECA board. The letter says Sokol is no longer eligible to serve on the MECA board because he canceled his Nebraska voter registration February 20th.

Kratz says Sokol re-registered as a Nebraska voter on May 23rd when he moved to a new home. But Kratz says Sokol's seat on the MECA board is still open.