MECA, City of Omaha still working on key ballpark issues

Omaha, NE – A member of the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority Board says reaching an agreement with the city of Omaha and the Stadium Oversight Committee in the next four weeks could be difficult.

Hal Daub says it's everyone's intention to collaborate and cooperate to reach an agreement. Up to this week, Daub says it appeared both sides had resolved technical, physical, and geographic issues such as traffic and parking. However, Daub says earlier this week, Omaha city officials submitted a proposal to MECA that altered a number of previously agreed to points. He says MECA was surprised and disappointed by that move, and has submitted its last, best and final offer to the City.

Daub says the agreement has two stages. The first is working out those technical, physical, and geographical issues. The second phase involves the financial aspects of construction, maintenance, and operation. He says it'll be difficult to deal with those issues in the next four weeks when an agreement on the basics hasn't been reached.

Mayor Mike Fahey issued a statement Thursday saying he, along with the Stadium Oversight Committee and the City Law Department, are reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding MECA submitted Wednesday. The Mayor says he "remains confident that an agreement will be reached between the City and MECA for the construction and management of a downtown baseball stadium on Qwest Parking Lots C and E and that Omaha will remain as host of the Men's College World Series for many years to come."