MECA says no to use of two Qwest Center lots for a ballpark

Omaha, NE – The Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority is saying no to the possibility of a new ballpark being built on Qwest Center Lots C and E. The MECA board voted 4-1 Thursday morning to fight any effort to build a new stadium on those lots. Mayor Mike Fahey's Stadium Oversight Committee is believed to be exploring several options for a possible new ballpark, including one that would be built on Lots C and E. MECA board members are concerned about traffic and parking issues. Chairman David Sokol says the city has also refused to meet with board members in public and answer basic questions about the stadium plans. Sokol says the Lots C and E plan could cut in to the Qwest Center's bottom line.

Mayor Fahey issued a statement saying In October 2007, I established a Stadium Oversight Committee to review all possible locations for a new baseball stadium, a renovation of Rosenblatt Stadium and all associated funding options. For the past four months, the committee and numerous others have spent significant hours and resources studying our options. Soon they will make their final recommendation. At that point, we will make a decision on how best to proceed.