Meet the Omaha Mayoral candidates: Dave Nabity

Mar 8, 2013

Dave Nabity, the longtime owner of a business and insurance firm, has often been vocal about city politics.

Nabity founded the Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector in 2009. His group has been outspoken about Omaha's police and fire union contracts, and the costs associated with the combined sewer overflow project.

Nabity believes there are five challenges facing Omaha. He says crime in Omaha is “out of control,” and the city needs to improve or change strategies for combating it.

“Community policing, problem-oriented policing, programs that help gang members get out of the gangs and get job training and the development they need to be able to get out of that life. Undercover work and intelligence work.”

Omaha ended 2012 with 40 homicides. Nabity says crime is a major issue on voters’ minds.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re walking in north Omaha, south Omaha, or west Omaha, people are sick and tired of the crime, and they want answers, but they also want action. And Omaha’s not that big. The territory of the crime is not that large. I think we have failed the citizens at doing the proper things to get the city rid of the crime.”

Nabity says Omaha’s Planning Department needs an overhaul. He believes the current Planning Department is stifling job growth. And h says the city should be spending $15 million to $20 million a year to market itself and attract more business.

“That’s selling and promoting the city as a destination and a place for visitor and convention business, it’s going after more Olympic sports and youth sports, it’s doing things like tearing down old buildings so developers can begin to do new things on properties, and tearing down old houses. It’s looking at midtown to downtown and asking the question what can we do to redevelop the areas so we’ve got more entertainment, more activities, a destination, a bright spot to come to.”

Omaha’s primary election is April 2. The Mayoral candidates are scheduled to debate later this month at the Omaha Press Club.