Mentor exhibition opens in re-imagined Bellows Studio

Omaha, NE – The Kent Bellows Studio is presenting its first fall mentor exhibition through December 3rd.

Executive Director Anne Meysenburg says the studio was home to a great deal of creative development. She says the facility now serves multiple uses, as a gallery, classroom, studio and archived museum space. Meysenburg says the mentors at the studio are professional, working artists that are giving a lot of their time and energy to support the next generation of artists in the community. She says,"Our students really work hands-on with professional artists in the community. A lot of it is about focusing on how to develop the artistic voice and vision so you can figure out what you want to say as an artist." Meysenburg says the exhibition is a way to share the mentors and Kent with the community at the same time.

Details on the exhibition are available online at