Metro addressing high demand for IT and Cybersecurity professionals

Apr 25, 2018

Metropolitan Community College is partnering with Cyberworld Institute to offer high quality IT and cybersecurity certification training.

Robert Caldwell, Project Manager of Workforce Innovation at Metro, says this training helps meet the demands of the local workforce and local employers. 

Caldwell says the certification works in two ways: it upskills people to enter the work force in entry level cybersecurity jobs and it trains workers already in the field by upskilling them to make them more proficient in their jobs. 

Caldwell says there are 1600 job postings in Nebraska for employees with cybersecurity credentials and 1300 of those are located in the Omaha metro.

"Through a variety of different employers: defense, banking, finance, IT tech firms that all need these types of labor.  There’s a stat from the US Department of Labor that there’s actually a zero percent unemployment rate of qualified cyber security professionals.”

Caldwell says upcoming classes include: Certified Cloud Security Professional, Chief Information Security Officer and Certified Ethical Hacker.  He says Metro offers certifications in Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA and more.

For more information, the phone number is 531-MCC-4771.