Metro Community College agrees to drop its lawsuit over funding

Omaha, NE – A new funding formula for Nebraska's six community colleges could be in place by the summer of 2011.

State Senator Greg Adams of York announced an agreement Tuesday between Metro Community College and the state's other five colleges. Metro has agreed to drop its lawsuit over funding contingent on five things happening. One is an agreement on a new funding formula. Metro was kicked out of the Nebraska Community College Association last year for not paying its full dues. School officials alleged the funding system for community colleges was unfair. In a lawsuit, Metro says it lost $10.8 million because of miscalculations by the other schools.

The current property tax-based funding system for Nebraska's community colleges will end in June 2011. It'll be replaced with a new funding system agreed upon by all six community colleges.

Senator Adams says the six community college systems will also work together on a restructuring of the Nebraska Community College Association as part of the agreement.

Metro will receive $1.8 million from the five other schools under the agreement.