Metro Transit Offers Stadium Circulator for 2nd Year

Jun 14, 2012

For the 2nd year in a row, Metro Transit will offer its stadium circulator service for those attending the College World Series

Marketing Director Linda Barritt says the stadium circulator connects the stadium with downtown hotels, public parking and the Old Market.  

The fare is .25 cents each way.  She says the circulator will operate throughout the day today for the opening ceremonies. 

On game days, the stadium circulator starts 90 minutes prior to the first game and runs throughout the day until 90 minutes after the last game. 

Due to its success last year, Barritt says Metro Transit will increase the number of buses this year.

"The stadium empties rather quickly and so what was happening last year, and we did put more buses out, is that the buses would get full, so we are staggering buses. Then you’d also have people, for example, down in the Old Market, who were going to ride around and come into say the second game.  It was extremely popular.  You can’t miss the buses.  The hood sign on the front of the bus, the side and the rear will say ‘stadium circulator.'”

Barritt says the stadium circulator runs one way on Cuming Street, South on 10th, West on Jackson and North on 16th.  She says there are signs at each spot that indicate where people should wait for pick up. 

For specific information on all of Metro’s Stadium Transit Services, the website is