Minecraft Camp Returning to MCC at Do Space

Sep 13, 2017

Metropolitan Community College at Do Space is offering another Minecraft camp on Saturday, September 30th from 9 to 3:30, for children ages 7 through 14.   

Chris Swanson, Manager of MCC at Do Space, says this Minecraft camp will focus on command blocks – behind-the-scenes programming that allows gamers to change their 

Minecraft worlds. He says the skills taught at this camp may develop into career interests for some campers.

“So, it’s really starting to get them into learning a syntax, or a language, to manipulate a virtual environment. And that is incredibly valuable and is a direct tie-in to computer programming, web development, app development -- a lot of things we’re seeing as needs in the workforce today.  Kids can start learning those things now – in a fun, playful environment.”

Swanson says it is helpful for campers to be familiar with the Minecraft game, but they do not need to be experts. He encourages those interested to sign up soon, since past camps have sold out.

The $80 registration fee includes lunch.  

For more information, the website is