MITA Donates Books to Lydia House

Dec 13, 2012

The Midwest International Trade Association, or MITA, recently donated more than 18,000 new books to the Lydia House.

Terry McMullen is the Local Branch Manager for Mainfreight USA Book Program.  Mainfreight has extra books from publisher overruns coming through its facility. 

McMullen says 12 years ago, MITA Director Gloria Penas asked Mainfreight if they wanted to partner up and donate the overruns to the Lydia House. 

In addition to the extra books, Penas buys hard-to-find children’s books and MITA members donate books as well.

"Candace Gregory, the Director of Lydia House, and her team are sorting packages.  And she told us when we delivered the books last week that the first year they prepared 600-700 packages with toys and books for kids that had the books with them.  And I think the number from Candace this year was 5,000-6,000.”

McMullen says 1000 books were donated the first year in 2001. As the need has grown, McMullen says the donations have as well.