Monthly Science Cafe Focuses on Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence

Omaha, NE – UNMC's Science Cafe takes place in Lincoln at 6:30 tonight at red9.

This month's subject is treating tobacco use and dependence and will feature Dr. Eric Fung. Dr. Fung is a Professor of Pharmacology for UNMC's College of Dentistry. He says he will speak about the efficacy and potential side effects of treatments approved by the FDA for nicotine dependence. Dr. Fung says he will also talk about the smoking cessation clinic available at the college of dentistry.

He says this is an important subject because 20% of the United States' adult population continues to smoke. Dr. Fung says smoking and tobacco use causes approximately 435,000 deaths a year.

For more information on the Science Cafe , the website is red9 is located at 9th and M Streets in Lincoln.