Move over band-aid...there's a new bandage in town.

Omaha, NE – University of Nebraska Medical Center surgeon and researcher, Mark Carlson, M.D., spoke at UNMC last week about a liquid bandage he and his colleagues are testing that would save lives.

Dr. Carlson said the bandage minimizes risk of infection and is able to conform to irregular surfaces. He said the fast-acting absorbable liquid bandage may be used in military and civilian settings. Dr. Carlson says, "A liquid bandage represents a marked improvement over what we currently use for life-threatening bleeding. It won't be harmful, the body would absorb it, and this would be very cheap to produce."
Dr. Carlson says the bandage is 100% biodegradable and requires no special training to use. He says the liquid bandage is also being tested as an intravenous infusion therapy for patients suffering from massive blood loss.

The liquid bandage project involves UNMC and University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists and the VA Medical Center in Omaha.