MUD works on 10-year infrastructure replacement program

Jul 25, 2017

The Metropolitan Utilities District is working to replace 354 miles of cast iron gas mains by the year 2027.

Sean Guinzy, Senior Design Engineer for MUD, says the infrastructure replacement program targets older gas mains and gas services. 

As part of the program, MUD crews and contractors will be working around the city to dismantle the cast iron system.  Guinzy says MUD began a partnership with Q3 contracting in 2012 with the goal of achieving 40 miles of abandonment each year. 

He explains the goal in 2017 is 25 miles of gas mains abandoned.  Guinzy says this encompasses 11 projects from South to North Omaha between about 30th and 66th Streets. 

He says the work is done in multiple phases.

"The first phase is typically installing the new high-pressure gas main.  Then they will follow up and install all new gas services to each individual residence in there.  Then our crews will make a separate appointment and perform gas service changeovers at that time.  And that will run to reconnect your house to the new system.   Once all that is done, we will abandon those existing low-pressure mains.  Again, that’s the goal of this project is to get you safe and reliable natural gas service.”

Guinzy says in the city of Omaha, there are about 2800 miles of gas mains, covering 226,000 customers. 

He says any areas affected by the project, such as lawns, sidewalks or driveways, will be restored to their original condition when the work is done. 

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