Multisports Complex to include Olympic swimming pool

Jun 24, 2012

The U.S. Olympic Swim Trials begin Monday, and one of the two pools used by Team USA qualifiers will stay in Omaha after the event.


Omaha Sports Commission officials announced Friday that the ten-lane warm-up pool will be part of a new Multisports Complex. Omaha business leaders Mike Cassling and Lisa Roskens raised $1 million to buy the pool. They're also leading an effort to raise funds for the complex.


Roskens says Omaha needs such a facility for young athletes. “We have so many talented young athletes who make their start here in Omaha, Nebraska, specifically in tennis and swimming, but who don't have the facilities to train through our winters. We have the coaches, we have the talent, we don't have the buildings.”


Where the Omaha Multisports Complex will be located isn't known at this point. Roskens and Cassling say four sites are under consideration. The complex will also include tennis courts, soccer fields, and a track.


Construction could begin in 2014. The warm-up pool will remain in storage until then.