Myth and Magic: Artwork by Gerald McDermott is on view in the Joslyn's Mind's Eye Gallery.

Omaha, NE – Bold renderings of timeless tales are on view at the Joslyn Art Museum through an exhibit called Myth and Magic: Artwork by Gerald McDermott.

Communications Manager Amy Rummel says the exhibition features more than 50 illustrations from the award-winning children's illustrator. She says McDermott's works are created with colored pencils, pastels and a medium called gouache, which is a thicker type of watercolor.

Rummel says the exhibition is both wise and whimsical. She says McDermott's focus is on trickster tales. She says the works in the exhibit often feature shape shifters and depict, "how different cultures interpret the way we all came to be."

Myth and Magic is on display in the Joslyn's Mind's Eye Gallery through July 3rd. For more information, the web site is