National Cyber Security Symposium

Apr 17, 2013

The National Association of Counties in partnership with the Peter Kiewit Institute and AT&T is hosting its first National Cyber Security Symposium today (Wednesday) through Friday on the UNO campus.

Derek Kruse, CIO of DOT.comm, says the symposium will cover topics ranging from IT workforce development to ways to prepare counties to combat the cyber threat. 

Kruse says cyber security is defined as any measure taken to protect a computer or computer system, on the internet or other network, against unauthorized access or attack.

"At a national level, cyber security is a top national security concern.  There has been an executive order and a presidential directive recently on cyber security.  In February, President Obama made the statement that cyber security is the most serious economic and national security challenge we face.  And just recently FBI Director Mueller made a similar comment about cyber threat going to pose one of the greatest national security threats that we have to our country.”

And just last week Mueller requested an additional 41 million in funding to fight cyber threats and do increased cyber monitoring.   

The National Cyber Security Symposium takes place today through Friday at UNO.  For more information, the phone number is 202-942-4277.