National Forensic Science Week

Aug 9, 2013

National Forensic Science Week begins Monday and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office is holding a week long series of events.

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Tracey Ray, Crime Lab Director, says every day there will be a different activity.

On Monday, local media will have the opportunity to tour labs, interview staff and take stock photos.

Tuesday, legal professionals are invited to lunch and to learn more about quality issues surrounding forensic science use in court.

Ray says the week of activities gives the public the opportunity to see what the crime lab does and to recognize individuals in the forensics field.

These are the people who work on this side, processing the evidence, because a lot of times you hear about the law enforcement – deputies, sheriffs and the police officers – but you don’t hear so much about the lab personnel. And so we’d like to recognize the people behind the scenes who are doing the forensic work.”

For a complete schedule of events, the number is 402-444-6855.

The Douglas County Crime Lab is located at 15345 West Maple Road.