NE SciFest Returns in 2014

Dec 2, 2013

Adam Savage

The Nebraska Science Festival is a celebration of science of all types throughout the state. 

Last year was the first year for the festival and organizers based it in Omaha to test out its popularity.

Kacie Gerard, Science Outreach Programs Coordinator, says in its second year, the Nebraska Science Festival is expanding slowly westward with programming being offered in Lincoln and in between Omaha and Lincoln. 

Last year, Bill Nye spoke at the festival.  Gerard says this year’s special guest will be Mythbusters host Adam Savage.

"People of all ages, from young kids who watch Mythbusters to senior citizens who watch Mythbusters, a lot of people know who he is.  He does a lot of the same stuff Bill Nye does in terms of going to speak on behalf of science to the Senate and Congress.  So we are really excited to have him.  He’s a really interesting guy and his background is fascinating.  And he’s super popular so we thought it was a really good score on our end."

Gerard says Savage will not be busting any myths onstage but instead will have a casual conversation with the audience and present some video. 

Tickets for Savage’s presentation will be released on Saturday, January 25th at 10:00 a.m. at the Joslyn Art Museum.

There is no charge to attend but tickets are first-come, first-served.