Neb. Environmental Trust sees uptick in grant apps

Nov 27, 2013

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A state agency that awards grants for Nebraska environmental projects is seeing an uptick in requests as other funding sources dwindle.

The Nebraska Environmental Trust has received 125 new applications this year, up from 110 in each of the previous two years. The applicants are asking for a combined $66 million, the largest request the trust has ever received.

Applicants include Nebraska cities, nonprofits and state agencies. Mark Brohman, the trust's executive director, says some have turned to the trust because of cuts to federal and state grant programs.

Unlike many state agencies, the trust is financed through Nebraska Lottery revenue and interest payments. Grants from the trust are used for projects to improve groundwater, air quality, soil, natural habitats, municipal waste and recycling.

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