Neb. lawmakers to investigate Nikko Jenkins case

Mar 7, 2014

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska lawmakers have approved a committee to investigate the state's handling of Nikko Jenkins, who is accused of killing four people in the Omaha area after his release from prison.

Senators adopted a resolution Friday that would create a special committee to look at the circumstances of the case, and review the Department of Correctional Services' rehabilitative and mental health programs. Jenkins was allowed to leave without supervision, despite making threats of violence and begging officials to commit him to a mental health institution.

Lawmakers also adopted a resolution that would create a special committee to study ACCESSNebraska, the state's public benefits hotline. Supporters of the resolution say the system has had problems with long wait times and lost paperwork.


The resolutions are LR424 and LR400

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