Nebraska Board of Regents discussing employee plus-one health plan

Omaha, NE – The University of Nebraska campuses could begin offering health insurance benefits to the same-sex partners of gay and lesbian employees and staff.

The Board of Regents discussed last week what's called the employee plus-one plan. It would extend health insurance benefits to domestic partners if they're dependent on the employee or staff member for coverage.

B.J. Reed, Senior Vice Chancellor at UNO, says the plan is supported by all four University system Chancellors. "Our view is that this is kind of the expectation of our peers, that most corporate leaders in Omaha have this policy and that, in fact, to remain competitive in recruiting and retaining faculty and staff it's an important element."

Reed says employee plus-one would impact about 100 to 150 employees across all four University of Nebraska campuses. He says at UNO, it would affect about 15 to 20 employees.

The Board of Regents is set to vote on employee plus-one in December.