The Nebraska Forest Service will hold three workshops this month on tree risk management

Oct 3, 2017

The Nebraska Forest Service will offer a series of intensive one-day workshops on tree risk and management.

Ben Bohall, Communications and Marketing Associate for the Nebraska Forest Service, says these sessions are geared toward arborists, park managers and municipal staff. 

Bohall says the main presenter for these workshops will be Mark Duntemann, who is considered to be the international voice on tree risk management. 

Duntemann will talk about liability and cost. 

Bohall says these workshops are especially important right now with the appearance of the emerald ash borer in Omaha.

"Just yesterday, a group and I were out taking a look at the extensive damage with ash trees in Greenwood.  And you know, it’s apparent that it’s only a matter of time before most of these trees are coming down.  And that’s why it’s important for anyone who has these trees or manages a property, to know how to properly handle that situation.  And it’s not just necessarily ash trees, we will be talking about a whole variety of species and how to best handle that.”

Bohall says Duntemann will talk about the Japanese beetle as well as pine wilt in addition to the emerald ash borer.  The workshop will be presented in Omaha on Thursday, October 12th.

The Nebraska Forest Service will offer a limited number of scholarships for the workshop.  More information is available at