Nebraska Humane Society shares tips for safe summer travel with pets

Jul 31, 2013

If you’re traveling with your dog or cat this summer, the Nebraska Humane Society says it’s important to prepare your pet for the trip ahead of time.

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NHS spokeswoman Pam Wiese says it’s important for the pet to have a comfortable, familiar space in the vehicle. If your dog or cat doesn’t like car rides, take them on short trips to prepare them for travel.

Wiese says the pet should also have a designated space in the vehicle.

“A lot of folks like to use dog seatbelts, which sound crazier than they really are. What it is, you have a harness on your dog, and then there is a strap that goes from the harness and buckles in to the seatbelt. So he can move around, he can sit up, he can lie down, but should there be an accident he will be held in place and not become a projectile and then create more issues for all of you in car. And it’ll keep him in his own area too.”

Your pet’s ID should be clearly visible and their immunizations current if they’re traveling with you. In some situations, such as if your destination isn’t pet-friendly, Wiese says you should consider leaving your dog or cat with a pet sitter or boarding.

“If that’s not going to be the case, or if it’s going to be something where it’s going to be very difficult for you, or say your pet needs medication every 12 hours, or every five hours, or something, sometimes diabetic animals or older animals, those guys, probably leaving them at home in the care of a good pet sitter, a friend who knows his routine, or your veterinarian is probably a better idea.”

Wiese says if you’re taking your pet along on air travel, you should check with the airline as to its rules for doing so. If your pet can travel in the cabin, there could be restrictions on the type of crate or carrier they can be in.