Nebraska lawmakers' perspectives vary on stimulus plan

Omaha, NE – Nebraska lawmakers are weighing in on the $790 billion economic stimulus proposal.

Second District Congressman Lee Terry says he's skeptical that the bill will create jobs. He says it's likely to cause inflation and economic harm in the long run. The Omaha Republican says the stimulus package overturns the Welfare to Work program and alters health care policies, but does very little in terms of job creation.

Senator Ben Nelson was part of a group of Senators who helped negotiate the $790 billion package. Nelson says the bill will create or save thousands of jobs for Nebraskans, and will help teachers, health care professionals, construction workers, and small businesses.

Senator Mike Johanns, however, says the bill scales back tax credits. He says families and individuals will receive 20 percent less in tax credits under the new legislation. He says the actual cost of the stimulus package will be over one trillion dollars.

Lawmakers could begin voting on the renegotiated stimulus plan Friday.